Mission Outreach

New Horizons of Southwest Florida

newhorizons-logoNew Horizons of Southwest Florida is a not -for-profit (501-c-3) organization founded by Bob and Ellen Nichols in 2002. New Horizons began as a Sunday School program with only 20 children in a small Bonita Springs chapel. Since then, it has grown in ways only God knew to be possible. Through the grace and mercy of God, Bob and Ellen have been able to expand their ministry, which now reaches over 250 people weekly. The ministry includes:

  • Super Kids Clubs – After School Tutoring Program
  • Super Teen Club – After School Program
  • Super Kid’s Church
  • Teen Sailing
  • Summer Reading Camps

At Manna’s Rosemary Park building, New Horizons is providing free after school tutoring programs, which incorporate a daily bible study, with the Super Kids Club Program, headed by New Horizons staff.

For more information on Super Kids Club, visit the New Horizons of Southwest Florida website.

hopeinmotionHope in Motion

Hope In Motion exists to share a message of hope to people all over the world. We are most known for our Middle & High School presentations which are performed in public and private schools. Our presentation is powerful and will challenge your students to live above the norm.

For more information, visit the Hope In Motion website.

ridenature-logoRide Nature

Ride Nature is a 501(c)3 non-profit action sports mission’s organization committed and dedicated to impacting the world through action sports while engaging youth and empowering and equipping leadership through outreach, evangelism, and discipleship.

For more information, visit the Ride Nature website.

Elias Antonas

Elias Antonas of Antonas Ministries International, has a gift from God to recognize the flow and directions of the Holy Spirit in Church services. God has also blessed him with the necessary wisdom to draw others into what God wants to do. Like a “ pilot” in the anointing, he has demonstrated this in meetings, for over two decades, resulting in many miracles, healings and other supernatural manifestations

Elias Antonas was born in Nassau, Bahamas of Greek parents. At the age of 13, he was Junior Tennis Champion of the Bahamas and when he was 15, he became the National Chess Champion of his country. In 1974 he represented the Bahamas in the World Chess Olympics as their #1 player.

As an 18 year old freshman at the University of Alabama, Elias experienced sovereign visitations of the Holy Spirit, events which established the course of his life on a foundation of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. During the 1980’s the Lord began using him in the healing ministry. In 1991 God broadened his ministry to include ministering revival.

In the 1990’s God gave him particular favor for ministry in Canada. While ministering in the U.S. and internationally to such places as Switzerland, Canada, Gautemala, Nicaragua and Africa, he has seen the miraculous power of God demonstrated. His interdenominational ministry is characterized by unusual signs and wonders and a unique presentation of the Word.

Visit the website of Elias Antonas:  www.eliasantonas.org. Elias Antonas Facebook Page

Iglesia Egeiro

Pastor: Giancarlo and Eibby Porras

5050 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL  34104
Tel # 239.200.6985

Satellite Campus:
6016 Pepper Road, Immokalee, FL

International Outreach

Manna Christian Missions is a viable corporation in Guatemala with an association of pastors and churches in various locations within the country. We have a mission house above one of our churches outside the capital of Guatemala City, Guatemala.


Manna Christian Missions, Inc. is independent from denominational influence and directives. We work closely with independent and denominational churches as well as parachurch organizations to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide ministry opportunities to people and churches here and abroad.